Astronomy the great attractor

Why is astronomy the great attractor? It gives me a sense of the awesomeness of this trip I’m on. I know there are plenty of smart people out there who can wax poetic about what everything means and is. I just take it all in like a meditation and sometimes I even understand things :)

I love hearing how others perceive it all.

This is a video trailer created by Frank Gregorio on Youtube, to attract students to Astronomy.  It is a combination of fact and imagination…what could be. I really like the questions interspersed throughout the video. It does not interrupt the visuals, but provides a little nudge to think about what we are seeing.

It’s also quite nostalgic to see the Shuttle take-off. Amazing to think that the Shuttle program is no longer a going concern.

Astronomy the great attractor

Why is astronomy so compelling for you? Do you have any astronomy video recommendations to check out?


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