Milky Way Galaxy Pictures

Milky Way Galaxy Pictures

There’s an abundance of Milky Way Galaxy pictures out there, but the size of the VISTA composite image from the ESO (European Southern Observatory) in Chile trumps them all at 9 billion pixels. Pretty impressive! I got to see the Milky Way in Oregon, many years ago. It was the most amazing sight! I was speechless and to this day can’t adequately describe what I saw. […] Read more »

What is sidewalk astronomy

What is sidewalk astronomy?

What is sidewalk astronomy? Glad you asked. I’ve been wondering myself. I was under the incorrect impression that too much light pollution nixed the possibility of seeing much of anything in the night sky. Sidewalk conjures up cityscapes and lots of lights in my imagination! Wikipedia says: Sidewalk or Street Corner Astronomy refers to the activity of setting up a telescope in an urban setting on a for profit or non-profit basis […] Read more »

Astronomy the great attractor

Why is astronomy the great attractor? It gives me a sense of the awesomeness of this trip I’m on. I know there are plenty of smart people out there who can wax poetic about what everything means and is. I just take it all in like a meditation and sometimes I even understand things I love hearing how others perceive it all. This is a […] Read more »

Dark Matter and Diamonds

Dark Matter and Diamonds

I just so happens that dark matter and diamonds collided in my online world the last couple of days, all for my entertainment. Rebecca Pahle of The Mary Sue – A Guide to Girl Geek Culture, shared a great Rap video by Coma Niddy, explaining what is dark matter. I love it! It’s so much easier to get your head around these things when it’s entertaining. You […] Read more »

Sarah Brightman Space Trip

The Sarah Brightman Space Trip (tour) appears to be on track for 2015, according to this interview with Sarah and Soledad O’Brien of CNN about her pending adventure. The price tag mentioned in this interview is $20 million. A far cry from what was inferred before by ABC News. It turns out that Brightman is getting sponsorship, so she won’t be footing the bill entirely. She will be […] Read more »

Sarah Brightman at the Opening Ceremony of the World Athletic Championships in Osaka, 2007 - courtesy of Eckhard Pecher

Sarah Brightman Space Tourist

The idea of a space tourist is not sounding so way out these days as it did when Dennis Tito became the first one. Now apparently the star of Phantom of the Opera, has added Sarah Brightman Space Tourist to her resume by paying a massive sum to Roscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency) for a trip to the International Space Station. The financial figures for […] Read more »